The Company

Founded by Isabella Reeves, White Designs was established on the belief that every environment should reflect and enhance the unique lifestyle requirements of each and every client, whilst bringing them happiness and peace of mind.

With a keen eye for detail, Isabella aims to create spaces which have great artistic and aesthetic value whilst also considering every element of comfort and practicality.

Depending on requirements- we offer a full range of services, from the research and concept stages right up to the dressing of a space, always making sure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

We are happy to take on projects however large or small, residential or commercial, and will endeavour to make it an enjoyable experience for the client with an end result that will exceed any original expectations.

Isabella prides herself on being very approachable and great fun to work with, striving to bring new and exciting ideas in at every opportunity but always keeping the client’s wishes in mind.