Westminster Penthouse

When my clients bought this penthouse in Westminster, the place had fantastic views but not much else. We stripped it right back and fitted it out with fittings and finishes that were more appropriate to a contemporary setting. The bathrooms were a priority for the clients, who liked the idea of having a mixture of textures, including a feature wall where we used a split travertine mosaic; this rough surface greatly complimented the sleekness of the fittings. Another big element to the project was creating a storage space in every room that worked aesthetically but also practically.  All units were specifically tailored to the clients requirements, including the Living Room unit which housed a complex media unit and a feature lighting system. Lighting was a great consideration throughout the flat on all levels. The simplicity of the design means that the flat is stylish in its own right but does not detract from the wonderful views. (More photos to come)