It was whilst studying in Venice that Isabella realised her future career lay somewhere in the art world. To broaden her studies she decided to experience life further afield and spent a considerable amount of time living in and travelling around India. It was here that Isabella realised that Art is not just something that hangs on your wall or in a gallery; it is something that you surround yourself with.

Isabella to this day has continued her travels – recently to Cambodia, Uganda and Morocco – aware that each experience brings with it a new cultural take on art and design. It was with this culmination of cultural ideas and expressions that Isabella returned home where she qualified from the KLC school of Design with honours in Interior Design and Decoration.

After working in the industry for six years and having been fortunate enough to experience working with some of the most renowned designers today, including Nicky Haslam and Andrew Winch, Isabella decided it was the right time to become a designer in her own right.

She is incredibly enthusiastic about every project that she is involved in whether the theme is traditional, contemporary or something more exotic, and revels in the challenges that each new project brings with it.

Completely passionate about Interior Design and Decoration, Isabella is very approachable and great fun to work with, striving to bring new and exciting ideas in at every opportunity but always keeping the client’s wishes in mind.